Sonority Bench

Sonority Bench

Sonority Bench is based on the idea of creating personalized products through the interaction between human and technique. Based on the communication of human impuls and algorithmic codes, it provides an interactive platform to create 3D printed sitting pieces designed by the sound of your voice.

Merz Akademie
Docent: Mario Doulis

Generative modelling / UX/UI Design / 3D printing

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Generative Design by voice

Based on the captured sound wave, the shape and form - which is inspired by bar sound-visualizations - changes throughout the impact of the voice. It modifies itself according to the data received and hence creates a 3D printable model. On top parameters as the height, width, density and thickness of the rip structure can be individuated as well. Each sonority bench thus is a unique piece that materializes emotions or messages, communicated with the voice.

Customisable Parameter

Sonority Bench attempt to show how products can be generated more personal and individual by leaving space for interaction between user and objects it thus create a new form of bonding and relationship between them.