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Bakeliet Kaffee - we have a bean in our head

The cozy Bakeliet café and roastery in Kiel offers coffee experiences that touch all senses. It is a place where you can escape from everyday life and rediscover the beauty of small things. The philosophy is simple: handmade products with attention to detail. Inspired by the industrial style of the café, this should also be reflected on the website.

Website and Online Shop
Customer: Bakeliet Kaffee

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A Coffeeplace for all senses

The Bakeliet is one of the most popular trendy cafés & coffee roasters in Kiel. The coffeehouse not only stands for its good self-roasted coffee, but above all for a lifestyle that rediscovers all senses and the beauty of small things. From the furnishings to the food to the drinks on offer, everything is handmade, selected with great attention to detail and creativity. Here different styles and contrasts meet: an industrially raw interior with unplastered walls, old Bakeliet radios and retro atmosphere meets nostalgic vintage charm with handcrafted tiles and colorfully thrown together tea cups as if by grandma.

A world of experience to touch

With the aim two share their philosophy and spread their special coffee and products also beyond the city of Kiel we established a multilingual and responsive digital experience with a small embedded Online Shop. Using the contrary style as a point of reference, we constructed a custom appearance that pays homage to the coffeehouse origins and communicates the philosophy in a contemporary way while being unique into itself. To ensure an easy adaption and handling of the content likewise the E-Commerce of their Products the website is based on Wordpress CMS.

An Experience - also mobile

The Bakeliet concept is continued also on mobile devices. Without content restrictions the content can be explored intuitively.

Diverse World

The structure of the website takes up the rich contrast and industrial tile style closely associated with the appearance of the café. The result is a clear and organized navigation system that makes the contents and the cafés wide range of offers easily accessible to the user. The composition of different tile sizes and the use of different contents from impressions, text contents, up to headlines nevertheless help the layout to variety. In addition, the basic grid is interrupted again and again by playful and illustrative design elements.

Creating an own signature

Like in the coffeeplace, also online everything that is possible is self-made. In cooperation with the Communication Designer Alina Treptow the whole content from the product images, through the illustrations/graphics to the content is produced in-house. The result is an individual and unique design language and visual handwriting.