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Over the years I became an expert in combining experience, interaction, interface and development to hand-craft projects placed between the user, design and the code. I am passionate working on multidisciplinary, diverse projects and for different clients. Throughout my Freelancing experience I am used working responsible and autonomously, but also really enjoy to exchange collaborative and together in a team. Welcoming any challenge that is thrown at me, I gained experience in short and long term projects and eager to learn new things and expand my knowledge.
Instead of following predefined principles and solutions, I enjoy to constantly create new, unique and fresh ones. For this I try to immerse with the problem and project, come up with features and solutions and bring it into reality.


Energetic heart

Elon Musk is a person who, like hardly any other, symbolizes the digital transformation of the economy. As a "first mover"; he burns for new ideas and is willing to invest in them. The task for Elon Musk as a "fictitious" client is to design projects that convince him to expand his portfolio. One of Elon Musk's greatest fears is the ongoing expansion of artificial intelligence. Our vision is to meet this concern with the expansion/creation of a new communication based on the electric magnetic field of the heart, the so-called "heart intelligence". A new form of intuitive form between humans is emerging that is superior to artificial intelligence in that it can be clearly identified as such.

Muthesius Kunsthochschule 2018
cooperative project with Jan Figura
Speculative Design/Artificial Intelligence/Prototyping/AR

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TimeScan is an experimental project representing "Time" and make it experienceable for users. The Processing coded application uses the slitscan technique to displays the progress of time and captures a visual memory in an never ending loop. As in real life, time runs faster when there is action and slower when we stand still and focus on it.

Muthesius Kunsthoschule 2017
UX & UI Design/Processing/Installation

Meine NEON

MeineNeon has emerged as a redesign of NEON magazine website. The aim of the relaunch was, to improve the structure of the texts and articles published in the community, throughout categorizations and filter options. As enhancement, a feature to create an own e-magazine has been added. Users can thus create individual journals and expand them furthermore creatively with pictures from the community. The print option moreover affords the opportunity to order the self compiled magazine as printed version.

Merz Akademie 2015

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Omen est no men

Where are all the women in graphic design? Omen est no men is a master project of Viviane Harderer dealing with gender inequality and lack of visibility in graphic design. The browser plugin clarifies inequality, makes star designers invisible and graphic designers visible.

Client: Viviane Harderer 2019
Website Development/Plugin/Master Thesis

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Die neue Mitte

The project aims to connect peripheral and prejudiced districts by creating a common, participatory development of the Hörn as a "new district";. The connecting component is the music, which is generated via hydraulophones. Thus the Installation generates a source of a common, multifaceted, colorful cityscape, in which differences and prejudices are eliminated and which flows out into the world with power.

Muthesius Kunsthochschule 2018
cooperative project with Jan Figura & Divya Kowshik
Installation/Interaction/Spatial & Social Design

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Rayher Paletten

Logo Redesign, Digital Branding and Website Design Concept for Rayher Paletten, an owner-managed company and one of the leading contacts for loading equipment in the Stuttgart area.

Client: Rayher Paletten 2018
Digital Branding/UX/UI Design/Conception


Reality+ is a hybrid augmented reality app which produces a synthesis of new technologies, typography and public space. By scanning the pattern, the reality on the respective device is extended with typography. As a nostalgic memento of the same titled book, the lettering “Wo ist Walter“ (engl. “Where is Waldo“) thus becomes integrated into public sphere and is analogously transcribed into contemporary age, at the same time.

Merz Akademie 2014
Augmented Reality/App