IoT Tracker


The IoT-Tracker concept is an easy and accessible way to monitor, block, manipulate devices in your environment. It provides to give you back the power on your data in a growing, digitalized world. Transparency, visibility and awareness are our focus by establishing a new approach to intervene in privacy effected fields of the Internet of Things and its companies.

Muthesius Kunsthoschule
Docent: Jens Alexander Ewald

IoT Application / Augmented Reality / Conception

IoT-Tracker Components

We decided to use a multi-device application to get the best subtle control and monitoring opportunity by using a combination of a mobile device and a smart watch that gives you a haptic and visual feedback, if a new device is collecting data in your nearby area. The option to resolve, what traffic by which device is transmitted and collected, will help you to get a more secure handling in multisensory environments. Our concept also profounds on an open community standard. Which means, that we create transparency by sharing the source code as well as to establish an open community database. By providing a so called pirate mode, our intention is to directly manipulate transmitted data and obfuscate your identity by hacking and intercepting of your voices or video recordings. Another feature is a virtual handshake with IoT-Devices in your grasp area to easy and fast capturing new devices.

IoT-Tracker Userflow